Speaking of … something

Carrying on a conversation with a child can be a challenge at times. Not too long ago, I was trying to chat with an eight-year-old relative who didn’t have much to say.

“Well, speaking of your mother,” I said, brightly, “it’s almost Mother’s Day.  What will you give her for a gift?”

“I don’t know.”

Changing the subject, I tried again: “I guess school will be out for the summer soon. Hey, speaking of school, how are your grades?”


Stubbornly refusing to give up, I suggested, “I’ll bet you’re really looking forward to vacation. Speaking of that, your mom said you are going to summer camp this year. Won’t that be fun?”

(a long pause) He looked at me and then cocked his head to one side. Finally, I was rewarded with a complete and deliberate response. “You are always speaking of something.

Ouch. …okay, so I’m not the queen of segues. But I am a professional communicator, so in a way, I guess I am always speaking of something. That’s my job.

Smart kid.


About galjody

Professional communicator and brand image engineer; writer; sci fi geek
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