The “Oops” heard round the world

As we say in Texas, Rick Perry really stepped in it.  In fact, he might have completely annihilated any chances he may have had to win the Republican nomination with one little word.  Oops.

We all have an occasional brain freeze, right?  I mean, no one is perfect.  But Perry forgot one of the three basic tenets of his campaign rhetoric in the middle of a televised debate.  How can a politician recover from a gaffe like that?

When a communicator is left speechless on the public stage, the way they respond to the misstep is the key to whether they will sink or swim.  Even the slightest verbal stumble is made much worse if you fumble around or belabor the mistake.  Conversely, a polished communicator can often recover pretty quickly with the right mix of humor and humility, followed by bridging smoothly to another key message.  And of course, it’s vital to maintain poise and composure.

We all make mistakes, and sooner or later everyone winds up with egg on their face.  The outcome depends on how well you can wear it.



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Professional communicator and brand image engineer; writer; sci fi geek
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